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For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved music.  And I’ve also always loved electronics and all things mechanical and technological.  So the audio/video retail and service businesses are a natural for me.  My first job was as an electronics technician at age 16.  Later, I was lured by the music business and audio engineering, but I somehow became immersed in the stereo business instead.  I started on the retail side, but also wanted to do service.  I ended up doing both simultaneously for the majority of my career.

meFor Pacific, I probably held every job there was to be had, from stock to sales, service to management,  store rehabilitation to sadly... liquidation.  I’ve been a factory technician for both Yamaha and JVC at their respective HQs, and have been factory-authorized for virtually every brand anyone could name at one time or another.  I’ve run my own service departments and entire stores.  At one time, I was an Infinity IRS dealer.  I maintain a huge library of service information and a very large stock of parts and original semiconductors.

Repair is really only half of the equation.  Good gear is supposed to bring music and magic to the listener.  I have both an engineering and a music education, and that gives me a unique perspective.  I know how music is supposed to sound, and being an audio engineer means that I also know how you hear. Together, those two foundations coupled with my knowledge of and love for vintage gear allow me to do something most technicians can’t do, and that’s to repair and restore your gear to its highest and best capabilities.  And if it doesn't make music, it's not fixed!

I’ve been around for a while, and you can see my 14-year history at eBay HERE.  I am also a moderator at a terrific tape and audio site called TapeHeads that everyone who is into vintage audio and tape should VISIT.  Oh, and while you’re out tooling around the internet, do please take a moment and visit my good friends over at Hi 5 Stereo. They offer mighty fine new and vintage audio and video gear.

I’m looking forward to helping you with your treasured and rare beauties.  CONTACT ME with your questions and I’ll get right back to you!

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