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Want more information about repair, restoration, parts or have other questions?  It’s easy to contact me.  Just use the form below, and I will respond as soon as I can.  And I promise, no spam, ever.

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Please make sure that you’ve typed your email address correctly and that there are no special requirements to send you mail.  If you don’t hear from me within a day of submitting the contact form, it’s probably because I am unable to contact you with the information that you supplied.  Please try again after 24 hours have elapsed. NOTE: if you have a mail providor that requires me to jump through hoops to send you email (Earthlink users, this would be YOU), I will not respond. 

IMPORTANT!  If you do not see a contact form below, it means we are so busy and have received so many contacts that we have exceeded our contact allowance for this month. Please check back on the first of the new month and the form will be restored.  Thank you!

  • Need belts? Contact Fred Marrs below.  I buy mine from him as I need them.
  • I can’t work on Walkmans, portables or car audio.  But you can join tapeheads.net and ask the community for help.
  • I don’t repair or restore all-in-one stereos, 60’s-style console (furniture) units, or anything with tubes in it, nor do I work on quad units or units that incorporate surround-sound.  If it has more than two channels in it, I can’t help.
  • Have a reel-to-reel deck?  The best guy for those is Sam Palermo at Skywave.  Contact him below.
  • I cannot help with Tandberg or Revox parts, products or service information.  See Marc and John below.
  • I don’t wish to buy anything or trade for anything.  The very last thing I need in the lab is more gear!
  • I cannot provide you with technical support so that you can repair your own product.

Belts: Contact Fred Marrs at Marrs Communications.
Studer/Revox products: contact Marc at: thetinman(at)sbcglobal.net. (substitute an ampersand for (at), of course)
Tandberg products: contact John at: packrat014(at)hotmail.com.
Open Reel/Reel-to-Reel tape deck repair and parts inquiries: contact Sam at Skywave.

Please note that John, Marc and Sam are all very busy, so they may not be able to offer help or service all of the time. 


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