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Audio Mastering, Restoration and CD Cover Design

Another aspect of Electrons in Harmony™ relates to the music itself.  If you have a project you’ve been working on, you probably know how important mastering is.  It can make the difference between a recording that barely gets noticed or one that goes GOLD.  So many projects either don’t get mastered at all, or are done by the artist or the studio engineer.  But this is not the best way.  Good mastering requires a combination of knowledge, experience, the right tools and just a little bit of very black sonic magic.

Two audio tracks in Sound Forge.

Perhaps you have a prized recording that is degraded or damaged, or the medium has deteriorated.  Or maybe it just never sounded very good in the first place, or you no longer have something you can play the recording on and would like it on a different medium.  I can help you with that.

Need cover art?  I’ll work with you to design a cover for your project that’s exactly what you want, and deliver to you (or your printer) art that’s ready to go that you can print yourself or take to any service bureau and have printed up.  CONTACT ME with your questions!

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