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Printed Circuit Board Design

NOTE: This page is preserved for historical purposes only.  I am no longer offering PCB design, I’m just too busy with gear to do it!

Need a circuit board designed? Whether your needs are analog, digital, mixed, single or multi-layer, I can design it and have it fabricated for you, or you can take the design files and use them at a board house of your choice.Printed circuit board

At the right is an example of a board I created.  This board was designed for a company that builds GPS-based time and frequency references.  It is a multi-layer, mixed (digital and analog) design that includes switching and linear power supplies, a microprocessor, an in-system programmable gate array, an OCXO, a GPS timing receiver, driver components, numerous and varied connectors and signal filtering components.  This design achieved spectacular performance and reliability and the product it is incorporated into continues to be offered by the manufacturer today.

I like symmetry, simplicity and beauty in board design.  For me, it not only has to work, but it has to be beautiful, too.  Even if it’s buried inside a beautiful exterior, ugly boards are ugly!  And errors are intolerable.  Nothing is more disappointing  than creating a beautiful board and discovering that it needs a modification tacked-on because of an omission or design error.  I will work closely with you on your design and help to make sure that it comes out right the first time.

Contact me for information about board design and pricing.

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