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Audio and Video Product Repair

Electrons in Harmony™ is what happens at Pacific Stereo.  If you have a treasured vintage audio or video piece, you probably already know how difficult it is to find someone who truly knows how to repair it.  Because “repair” doesn’t mean just fixing a problem.  Vintage gear never has just one, simple problem.  Never.  Age, design issues, component defects and characteristics all factor into the reliability and quality of any repair.Components on a circuit board  It’s not enough to know electronic theory and be able to read a schematic.  A true and long-lasting repair requires knowing the unit, inside and out.  How it works, what tends to go wrong with it, what will probably go wrong with it later, how to deal with repairs that require parts which are no longer available, all involve institutional and accumulated knowledge that is not widely available.  Sometimes, a repair requires the ability to correctly substitute, or in some cases, invent and fabricate a part.  That’s the expertise you want, and that’s exactly what you get from me at Pacific Stereo.

Another factor is the music or video itself.  It’s not enough for a unit to meet its published specifications.  The question is, does it make music?  Because many times, a unit can be “up to spec” and yet still sound awful.  That’s something no one wants.  I never simply fix a unit.  Every repair includes a full audition and evaluation.  If it doesn’t make music, it’s not fixed.  And I won’t stop until it is. 

Send your treasured audio or video unit to an expert who cares about you, your unit and the music (or picture) it’s supposed to make.  You’ll be glad you did!

There are several levels of repair and restoration available at different costs.  Contact me for details on how to get started with yours.

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