Welcome to Pacific Stereo!

Welcome to Pacific Stereo!

You can make your own kind of music, at Pacific Stereo.  If you’re looking for an expert when it comes to vintage audio and video, you’ve come to the right place.   At Pacific Stereo, vintage audio is my passion.  I love these old products and the music they make, because there’s just nothing like them.  Whether it’s monster receivers like the Pioneer SX-1980 or the Concept 16.5, turntables, tuners or amplifiers, Video-8 and S-VHS VCRs, I do it all and can help with the repair and rejuvenation of your treasured beauties.  And, I can often source (or correctly substitute) original and genuine, no-longer-available semiconductors and parts for many brands and models.

Restored Pioneer SX-1980 Receiver

It’s become almost impossible to find technicians who can not only work on these products competently, but who also truly care about them.  I treat every repair and rebuild as if I were doing it for myself, and you get far more than you pay for.  No one services products with more care and attention to detail.  I work on almost all brands, and it goes without saying that the Pacific Stereo Concept, Quadraflex and Calibre brands are definitely welcome here!  From Sony to Sherwood,  Akai to Adcom or NAD to Nikko, Pacific Stereo can help!

Restored Concept 11.0 receiver

I’m exceptionally busy working on audio components, but at some point I’ll be putting up information about my Alma Mater, the late (1960-1986), great Pacific Stereo Corporation, of which I am the owner, curator and caretaker.  I’ll be putting up history, photos and information about Pacific as time permits, so do please check the various area of the site out and please visit again soon!

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