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Rare Manley Laboratories Reference 250 Monoblock Power Amplifiers

Manley Reference 250 beauties

This is an incredible sounding set of mono amplifiers.  The Reference 250s boast 100 watts of tube-goodness in triode mode, and 250 watts in tetrode mode.  With these beauties, you get the best of both worlds, the sweet, three-dimensional sound of a triode amp, and the punch and detail of a tetrode design, all at the flip of a switch.  These amplifiers have been very carefully serviced and aligned by me, with guidance from Manley Labs.  They belonged to Gary Hawkins of Digital Ear, and were one of his favorite products.  I like them a lot, and owning these means owning a unique piece of audio history.  Contact me for details and more photos.

Original retail: $9000.  SOLD.


There’s a pristine Pioneer SX-1250 in the restoration pipeline that will be appearing here soon.  This will be your chance to own a Pacific-restored monster receiver that will be second-to-none.  Watch for it!

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