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Restoration Services for Stereo And Video Products

Sometimes, you want more than a repair.  You want your vintage gear to both work and look as good as possible, and to be as original as possible.  Pacific Stereo can make that a reality.  Over the years, I have developed multiple techniques to restore gear to as close to original condition as it can be.  This can involve everything from polishing metal, to re-veneering wood surfaces, to repair and camouflage of defects.  All units present their own unique challenges.  No two units, even identical models, will require the same service.

Dirty Concept 11.0 amplifier board

Concept 11.0 Amplifer Board, Before

Restored Concept 11.0 amplifier board

Concept 11.0 Amplifer Board, After

This Concept receiver got a full repair and recap, FM and AM alignment and a complete restoration.  Even the stickers for the capacitors and other components were reproduced and replaced!  The full details (and there are many) of this restore can be seen HERE.

Are you are a tube person?  While I am no longer working on tube units, you might like this Fisher restoration.

Dirty Fisher 500C chassis

Fisher 500C Chassis, Before

Restored Fisher 500C chassis

Fisher 500C Chassis, After

This beauty received a complete rebuild, replacement of all high-voltage parts, modifications, power supply repair, capacitor restuffing (gotta keep that original look!), and a full FM and amplifier alignment.  A complete description of this restore can be found HERE.

After much thought and consideration, I am no longer offering repair or restoration on Fisher or other tube products, as I have chosen to concentrate on solid-state gear.  However, this was really a fun and interesting restore, so I’ve left it up if you’d like to see it.

Other repairs and restorations:  Want to see more work?  Just click on the links below.

Pioneer SX-1980 Receiver

Pioneer SX-1280 Receiver

Pioneer SX-1080 Receiver

Pioneer SX-939 Receiver

Pioneer SPEC-2 Integrated Amp

Pioneer SX-850 Receiver

Luxman L580 Integrated Amp

Lafayette LR-9090 Receiver

Concept 16.5 Receiver

Concept 12.0D Receiver

Concept 11.0 Receiver (different)

Concept 2.5 Receiver

Rotel RX-1603 Receiver

Sanyo Plus 75 Receiver

Marantz 2265B Receiver

Marantz 1060 Integrated Amp

Kenwood 600 Supreme Integrated Amplifier

Quadraflex Reference 180R Receiver

Accuphase C-200 Preamplifier

I take every set, evaluate it and determine what needs to be done.  When you entrust me with your precious vintage unit you can be assured that it will be treated like it was my very own.  A Pacific Stereo restoration goes far beyond an ordinary repair.  It’s Electrons in Harmony,™  the ultimate in the hi-fi and music experience.

See the contact me page for details on how to get started with your restoration.

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